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It's a Hoot!


It’s a hoot owl encounter
This experience is a must for any owl enthusiast, adult or child.

‘Unique gifts for all occasions’

Everyone loves owls and here at Stockley we have a good variety of these wonderful nocturnal creatures to keep you entertained during your 1 hr encounter and you will handle and fly around 4 different species of owl.
Come and see them fly in their natural setting and most importantly at dusk in and around the lovely setting of Stockley farm.
See how they would hunt in a natural setting, learn how their camouflage and intense hearing is so important to owls in low light.

Marvel at Lilly our placid barn owl as she stoops down to your glove and meet Gordon our tame Tawny Owl but Watch out he- has a penchant for sitting on your head!
Alex our Bengal eagle owl is the star of our flying displays here at stockley farm and you’ll be amazed by the sheer size and weight of our European Eagle owls – Sue and Dexter as they fly to your glove – Not both at the same time though!
Anyone thinking of obtaining a bird of prey in the future would benefit greatly from this experience as advice can be given on the choice of bird, housing, equipment, and feeding. Please specify this at the time of booking and we can tailor the experience to suit your needs.
Check out ‘it’s a hoot’ owl encounter in our photo gallery

Here at Stockley we want you to get the most from your experience and get more involved handling our birds so as to set us aside from our competitors, all of our Bird of Prey Experiences are delivered by our falconers in small groups. For a more personal approach. One to One options are also available on request. This along with opportunity to enjoy the full range of facilities and activities available here at Stockley Farm represents excellent value for money rivalled by no other birds of prey centre in the UK.

Booking couldn't be easier , just simply buy your experience online, we'll then send you out a voucher which is valid for 1 year, when your ready to book just ring our booking office and check availability.

If you have a specific date in mind then feel free to give us a call before booking online.

The experience lasts for around 1 hrs.
It's a Hoot £30.00
Special Offer
2 Vouchers
Spectator £5.00